25cm Espalier Camellia Debbie
25cm Espalier Debbie
25cm Espalier Camellia Setsugekka
25cm Espalier Setsugekka
25cm Espalier Camellia Roger Hall
25cm Espalier Roger Hall
25cm Espalier Paradise Blush
25cm Paradise Blush
25cm Espalier Camellia Mine No Yuki
25cm Espalier Mine No Yuki
25cm Espalier Betty Ridley
25cm Espalier Betty Ridley
33cm Espalier Hiryu
33cm Espalier Hiryu
33cm Espalier Betty Ridley
33cm Espalier Betty Ridley
Espalier Camellia Brushfields Yellow
33cm Espalier Brushfield's Yellow
Espalier Camellia Roger Hall
33cm Espalier Roger Hall
50cm Espalier Setsugekka
50cm Espalier Setsugekka Black Frame
Espalier Camellia Jennifer Susan
50cm Espalier Camellia
Jennifer Susan
Espalier Camellia Diamond Jennifer Susan
Espalier Jennifer Susan Diamond Shape


Espalier Camellia Setsugekka

One of our favourite plants to espalier, Merrywood grow a range of Sasanqua, Japonica and some Hybrid camellias.  Our espalier camellias are available in a variety of sizes, from 25cm and 33cm pots with fan shaped lattice, to 50cm pots with square black lattice and a limited number of our special releases, such as our diamond lattices and formal shapes.

Sasanqua Camellias are the first to flower each year. Flowering in autumn they tend to have a smaller flower and leaf than the Japonica which enables them to tolerate a sunnier, more exposed position.

Japonicas have the widest range of flower size, form and colour. They flower in winter and have shiny large leaves and flourish in a shaded to semi-shaded position.

Hybrid Camellias come from crossing two or more species of camellia together to produce a new variety. We grow several of the Williamsii Hybrids which are part of this group and have been bred to withstand a wider range of conditions. Hybrids flower from winter into spring.

  • Betty Ridley Camellia

    Betty Ridley


    Elegant medium sized, pink formal double flowers. Flowering early winter to early spring.

  • Hiryu Camellia



    Small, single deep red/ pink blooms.  Tall bushy growth.  Flowers are produced autumn to early winter.

  • Paradise Blush Camellia

    Paradise Blush Camellia


    Semi double small white flowers with pink tipped back petals.  Flowers autumn - mid winter. Good vigorous grower.

  • Roger Hall Camellia

    Roger Hall


    Medium sized elegant, red formal double blooms. Flowers early winter to early spring.

  • Yuletide Camellia



    Intense small red flowers with bright yellow stamens.  This slow growing camellia flowers late autumn through to mid winter.

  • Brushfields Yellow Camellia

    Brushfields Yellow


    Slow growing camellia.  Flower has pale cream/yellow outer petals and dense boss of cream/white petaloids in the centre.

  • Jennifer Susan Camellia

    Jennifer Susan


    Soft pink, small informal double blooms.  A vigorous camellia that blooms autumn to early winter.

  • Paradise Little Liane Camellia

    Paradise Little Liane


    Small leaved camellia with small informal double, white flowers with a pink blush on tips of some of the outer petals. Flowering autumn

  • Setsugekka Camellia



    Single white small blooms with wavy petals and bright yellow stamens.  Flowers autumn to early winter.

  • Debbie Camellia



    A vigorous and hardy camellia,  Debbie produces pink medium sized, informal double blooms.  This camellia will flower early winter to mid spring.

  • Mine-No-Yuki Camellia



    White informal, small double flower.  A slow growing camellia, Mine-no-yuki  flowers late autumn to early winter.

  • Pope John Paul Camellia

    Pope John Paul


    Elegant white, medium sized, formal double bloom.  Flowers mid winter.

  • Sweet Jane Camellia

    Sweet Jane


    Pink buds open to a small informal semi double bloom.  Deeper pink petals at the rear graduate to softer pink/white petals in the centre.  Flowers early winter to early spring.

  • Early Pearly Camellia

    Early Pearly


    White, loose formal double flowers.  Early Pearly flowers mid autumn and into winter.

  • Night Rider

    Night Rider Camellia


    Slow growing camellia.  Deep red semi double blooms.  Purple new folliage.

  • Red Red Rose Camellia

    Red Red Rose


    Bright red,medium size formal double with rose bud centre.  Flowers mid winter and into spring

  • Volunteer Camellia



    Begins its flowering with soft pink, peony double blooms with white edges, colour deepens through the season to dark pink (to red) with white edges.