Espalier Rosemary Fan 25cm pot
Forget the fragrant candles, place a scented espalier near your door or window.  Enjoy the wonderful fragrance of an evergreen climber, or the elegant scent of the new varieties of magnolia with their velvet leaves.  This selection of plants have all been chosen for their scent as well as their good looks.
Pot and lattice sizes vary with each variety.  Please check individual plants listings for a guide.
  • Chinese Star Jasmine

    Chinese Star Jasmine

    This vigorous evergreen climber flowers late spring and continues into early summer.  It has masses of tiny, white, star-shaped flowers.

    Available in 25cm and 40cm square lattice.  33cm small diamond (10 x 10cm squares), 40cm and 50cm diamond lattice.

  • Magnolia Fairy Blush

    MICHELLIA 'Fairy Blush'

    Bred in New Zealand, this michellia has masses of fragrant pink flowers in spring.  Happy in sun or part shade this michellia does not like being too wet, particularly in winter.

    Available in 25cm pot with square lattice

  • Espalier Osmanthus

    OSMANTHUS 'Pearly Gates'

    Flowering slightly earlier than its sister, Pearly Gates produces masses of small tubular flowers along its stem.  In the nursery its scent signals the start of spring.

  • Gardenia Florida

    Gardenia Florida

    Growing around one metre with small leaves and milky-white flowers from late spring through summer, Gardenia Florida is one of the most popular of the gardenia species. 

    Available in 25cm and 33cm pots with square lattice.

  • image-coming-soon

    MICHELLIA 'Fairy Cream'

    Another New Zealand michellia the 'Fairy Cream'. 


    Available in 25cm pot with square lattice.

  • Magnolia Little Gem

    MAGNOLIA 'Little Gem'

    This evergreen magnolia features shiny deep green leaves with copper toned velvety undersides.  It produces large creamy white flowers with a soft lemony scent in spring and summer.

    Available in 33cm pot with square lattice and 50cm with black lattice.

  • Michellia Fairy White

    MICHELLIA 'Fairy White'

    Similar to is sister the michellia 'Fairy White' has masses of fragrant flowers in spring.

    Available in 25cm pot with square lattice.

  • Image Coming Soon

    MAGNOLIA 'Teddy Bear'

    A more compact magnolia, the Teddy Bear has a slightly more rounded leaf with velvety back.  White softly fragrant flowers are produced between November and April once the plant is 3-4 years old.

    Available in 33cm and 40cm pot with square lattice and 50cm pot with black lattice.

  • Osmanthus Heaven Scent

    OSMANTHUS 'Heaven Scent'

    Hardy shrub with small evergreen leaves, Osmanthus 'Heaven Scent' produces masses of small highly perfumed flowers 'in early spring.  Flowers slightly later than its sister 'Pearly Gates'.